GS – GOURMET PORTUGAL _ The finest Selection

GS is the selection of the best Portuguese products. We aim for our online store to be the first reference for those who want to have the richest national cuisine on the table. Be it unique wines, olive oils, cheeses, sausages, preserves or even household items. We base this choice on traditional flavours and values, on the best production practices and on certified and awarded products.

With this selection of articles, we want you to “travel through Portugal”, with the best you can have at the table, and without leaving the comfort of your home.

We started this project with a commitment of always providing you with the best that our country has to offer.

Regardless of your nationality, we aim to present you with the Portuguese dishes, carefully selected, so that you can enjoy Portugal from a distance. We will bring culture, tradition and flavours to you.

You don’t need to invest time in product research, this will be our mission, our commitment. Whether for your own consumption or to surprise those who like it most.

Allow GS to surprise you with the experience of discovering new products, with quality, tradition and innovation, without wasting time on research.


Our mission is to promote the best that is produced in Portugal, selecting the best Products / Producers from the continent and the islands of Madeira and the Azores. Bringing Portugal to all people living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, offering the possibility to find 100% Portuguese Gourmet products in one place. We aim to be your store of choice when looking for the best that is produced in Portugal. With this, we want to provide you with deep sensory experiences and sensations, brought on by rich textures and aromas.


We want to contribute to the promotion of the community where we were born, and for that’s why we are making the connection between the producers and the homes of our clients.

Sustainable development policies as well as environmental concerns guide the choice of selected products / producers.

By buying our products you are supporting producers who are continuing with the best production and sustainability practices.